The Secret Formula Teachers Need to Live FREE

The Secret Formula Teachers Need to Live FREE

My Goal is NO Secret

It’s no secret that one of my overall goals is to put the financial control back in the hands of teachers.  With teacher burnout at an all-time high, educators need a way to take some time off or be able to move to a school district that suits them better.  With a little planning, this can be done.

Just Stop and Imagine

The Secret Formula Teachers Need to Live FREE

Think about the stress relief you would have as a teacher if you knew that you had a gap year every 7 years.  Or imagine if you were financially able to leave a bad situation and wait for the right job offer to come along.  This changes the game for educators and that’s my goal.

Secret Hiding in Plain Sight

Even though it’s not actually a secret, it might as well be.  Based on how few teachers know about it and how even fewer teachers take advantage of it.  The secret lies in an underutilized retirement savings option that is available to educators.  I’m referring to the 457 plan.  Along with the 403b, the 457 is a pre-tax retirement option that can open up a world of possibilities for you.

Educate Yourself First

The Secret Formula Teachers Need to Live FREEBut there are a few things you need to watch out for.  Mainly fees.  Dan Otter has devoted a large part of his career in an effort to educate teachers about these options and give them the tools they need to make the right choices.  Dan has been an educator since 1992 has run his website since 2000.  He has spent countless hours in his pursuit to educate teachers and is the author the book, “Teach and Retire Rich”



Has This Been Done?

Oh yes, and you can check out a teacher who has lived this very life here: Teacher Lives the FIRE Life

What You Will Learn

On the podcast, Dan will teach you what questions to ask when it comes to 403b and 457 retirement plans.  And if those questions aren’t answered to your benefit, what are your other options?  And feel free to reach out to Dan if you have further questions, he would be happy to help!  Check out all his links below.

Thanks to Dan Otter for his time and expertise!

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