How to Have an AWESOME Marriage
When You are Drowning in DEBTHow to Have an AWESOME Marriage when drowning in debt

Step One:

How to have an awesome marriage when you are drowning in debt?  It’s definitely possible and step one is to get yourself out of debt!  Or at the very least you and your spouse have to get a plan to get out of debt.  What happens when you get on the same page with your spouse? You will immediately start seeing your marriage improve!

Are you serious?

Ok, you can have a good marriage and have debt.  But don’t kid yourself about the effects of financial stress on your relationship.  Money problems are the #1 cause of problems in marriages that lead to divorce.  And the #1 taboo listed in our society is money.  That’s a bad combo and recipe for problems!

Why would I care?

Why would I care about you or your marriage?  Or your happiness for goodness sake, I don’t even know you!  That’s a fair question and to be honest, I have to ask myself that.  The answer is, I’m not sure why I care, but I do.  I want to help people avoid the mistakes that Brenda and I made in our marriage and with our finances.  There are so many simple things we could have done different if we would have known!  I want you to know now rather than later.

Our Story

Brenda and I sat down together to tell you our story of marriage and money. On this podcast, you will get to know a little more about our lives and our personal journey to become debt free. You will hear why we direct our message to teachers and what our goal is with the TEAMM

How About Our Marriage?

Brenda and I destroyed our marriage and our finances at the same time.  That’s talent, right?  We first got the marriage lined out, and all credit goes to God for that.  When you focus on something greater than yourself, you can see the things that are most important. Then Chris introduced us to Dave Ramsey and FPU and we never looked back.  Our marriage was good when we were deep in debt and scraping by.  But now, it’s on a whole different level!  The peace that comes with having your money in check and not living hand to mouth, is indescribable.  It’s true freedom!


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