Craig Dacy – Elementary Teacher to Financial Coach

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Craig Dacy FFU

Elementary Teacher turned Financial Coach

Craig Dacy is on the cutting edge of Personal Finance. His coaching is the future for helping people in real and meaningful ways, with their money.
An elementary teacher turned financial coach, Craig has recently founded Freedom Funding University.  It’s a web-based, membership type solution for people looking for the help they need.  In addition, Craig has developed a Facebook community of nearly 2000 members, Taking Control of Your Income!
I visited with Craig Dacy recently and he talked about being born and raised in Texas. He also discussed his 7 years in the classroom before he became a full-time financial coach.  In the podcast, you will get a glimpse of the heart of a teacher that Craig has and his desire to help others.

 Craigs Family

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Some Highlights from the Interview

  • Craig said he thought some of biggest financial mistakes that teachers make are:
    • Spending in their classrooms and deciding between wants and needs.
  • For new teachers, Craig’s advice was to plan ahead for that new paycheck and live like you are still in college and dump that extra money on your student loans.
  • Craig said his parents were his positive influences with money and his dad always taught him to save for a rainy day.
  • Some of Craig’s goals are:
    • Figure out how to reach people that can’t afford financial coaching.
    • Work with companies to assist employees with finances.
  • Craig said budgeting is the blueprint or plan for finances.

Book Referenced: 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

From Craig’s website…

I am not a salesman and I don’t sell stocks or insurance and make no money based on the things my clients choose to purchase. I am a teacher. Ever since I was young, all I wanted to do was teach so spent my college career obtaining a Bachelors Degree in education so that I could move into becoming a classroom teacher full time. Teaching is my passion and mission in life.

Craig gets his house in order

In late 2013, my wife, Andi, and I decided we needed to take control of our finances. We had student loan debt, a car loan, and no financial plans for the future. Even though we weren’t on the brink of bankruptcy, we were something worse; normal. Yes, I used the word normal in a negative way! We didn’t want to give a piece of our monthly income away to debt payments. What if we took some of those payments and began investing them toward retirement? What if we could use that money to be more giving?

    By significantly cutting our lifestyle and writing a budget every month, we were debt free in 12 months. Since beginning that journey, I became obsessed with personal finances. I read every book I could find, took online classes, and signed up for training and certification courses to broaden my knowledge. Then something amazing happened and it didn’t only transform our finances but touched many other areas of our lives. Our marriage was stronger because we were on the same page with our budget and spending. I became more motivated, increasing my productivity at work and in my side projects. My eating habits changed, improving my health and the amount of energy I had throughout the day. Debt affects more areas of our lives than just our wallets.

Craig wanted to help others


It was a result of all of these things that made me realize that this is what I wanted to be doing. I knew I could use my gift of teaching to help families take control of their finances, heal their marriages, and plan for the future in a way that will completely revolutionize how their family handles money. After training with Dave Ramsey’s team in Nashville, I launched my financial coaching business and never looked back.

  Within days of becoming debt free, Andi and I found out we were going to be parents. Knowing that our daughter is going to have the opportunity to grow up understanding how to win with money and live a debt free life is invaluable. My goal is to teach you how to make the right financial decisions for your family so that your children and grandchildren will have a head start in managing their money. There’s no better time to start than today!

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