New Teachers, New Cars, Don’t Drive Yourself into Poverty

New Teachers + New Cars = Bad Math


On this episode of the TEAM podcast, I talk about new teachers and new cars. In short, don’t do it, just don’t do it. Ten years from now you will thank me if you do not purchase that new car and get in that new car cycle that so many new teachers get into with that first teaching job. The first thing you will say is “Why not a new car? Don’t I deserve a new car?”  I’ll discuss that question and give you some alternatives plus give you a FREE used car guide that you can download “here”

Chris Eubanks – Principal, Minister, Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University Coordinator

 Some People are a Blessing…

Bruce McGrew, Chris Eubanks at See Ya Soon party for the Eubanks
Bruce McGrew and Chris Eubanks discuss Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University

Chris talks about Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University

I sat down with Chris, who is a High School Principal, dear friend of mine for the last 6 years, and the associate minister for the Success church of Christ during his time in the area.  We talked about Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University plus much more!

Chris was an important person for me to talk with because …

Getting on the Same Page with Money

Marriage & Money: Getting on the Same Page


Brenda and I sat down together to tell you our story of marriage-money. On this podcast, you will get to know a little more about our lives and our personal journey to become debt free. You will hear why we direct our message to teachers and what our goal is with the TEAM podcast.

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